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Best Ways to Market Your Business with Promotional Products

The main advantage of using promotional products to market your business, is that through this strategy, you will turn your customers into your brand ambassadors. However, in order for this strategy to be successful, you need to focus on one or both of the following two factors: usefulness and creativity. In other words you need either products that will actually be of use to your customers, or products that are so unique and creative that the customers will want to share them with the world. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry as we will tell you everything you need to know about this marketing strategy.

1. What type of products you should never use

We’ll start with the negative factors, so that we can get them out of the way. First of all, never go for promotional t-shirts. Unless you are a big brand like Coca-Cola or McDonald, no one is going to want to wear your t-shirt in public. At best, it is going to be used as a pajama top or a dust cloth. The same goes for sport caps. Secondly, don’t go for promotional pens. You might argue that pens are useful items to have around. However, no one really cares about the writing on the pen. Plus, promotional pens have been used so many times, that they are now beyond boring, and you don’t want your company to be boring. Last but not least, stay away for anything that is cheap and disposable. Keep in mind that the purpose of promotional products is to promote your business, and if you choose cheap and disposable products, your company will also be perceived as cheap and disposable. You are better off giving away 10 quality products that people are actually going to use, than 1000 products that everyone will throw away.

2. Most useful promotional products

There are certain products that people don’t care what they look like, as long as they fulfill their basic purpose. Think about this: if you ever received a promotional cooling bag, you would use it right? It wouldn’t matter whether or not you liked the logo on the bag, as long as the bag fulfilled it’s basic purpose, which is to keep the drinks cool. The list of useful products that can be used for promotion, includes but it’s not limited to: umbrellas, thermoses, USB-sticks, flashlights, glasses, backpacks, cups, glasses, planners, notebooks and the list goes on. Ideally, you should choose something that is slightly related to your business. For example, choose a bottle opener if you own a bar, an USB-stick if your company works in IT and so on. Remember to choose quality products that the people will actually want to use.

3. Unique promotional product ideas

Now this is the most challenging situation, as we can’t give you a lot of precise examples. You could for example, use custom challenge coins, but you can’t just give them away to your customers and hope that they will use them. You have to give the challenge coins a purpose. For example, you could use them as membership tokens. This works if you run a gym, a spa, a library or any other business where people come into your establishment and spend a lot of time there. You can also use them as discount tokens that you can hand out to loyal customers. Make sure to choose quality, well crafted coins. For this purpose, we recommend Max Challenge Custom Challenge Coins as they make the best custom coins.

Aside from coins, other universally good solution is a custom USB-stick. Everybody will use it, and you can order custom flash sticks in any shape. If you have a gum company, you can order it in the shape of a gum package, if you have a transport company, you can order it in the shape of a truck and so on. Basically, any product can work as long as you come up with innovative designs or messages, something that intrigues or makes people laugh. We can’t give you precise examples, as it depends on the type of business that you run, but try to think outside the box when planning a promotional campaign.

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