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Communication Skills

Every success is based on a lot of skills, on hard work and a little bit of good luck. But among all these, the most important ingredient is called “communication skills”. Apart from the dimensions and the importance of your business and department, the communication skills have a great influence on your work and success.

It is clear that in every day we have to cope with many different and difficult situations and as we all are humans, we all have feelings and sometimes we forget to control our rage. This is why it is necessary for every one of us to know exactly how to act and how to obtain what we want.

We would like to start with a few tips about public speaking. The main idea while speaking in public is to make sure your ideas and thoughts are fully understood. You should keep in mind that your message has to be heard correctly by the people you want and it is simple and clear. The message should be transmitted in a natural and slow way and should not be longer than its main idea. Give up to irrelevant details and unnecessary pieces of information.

The key point in any public speaking and in general in having great communication skills is to be prepared. Try to pay attention to what you say and how you say it, because a message could be understood differently according to the manner it is said. Keep in mind the sources you take your information from, the channel of communication, the context, the feedback of your public speaking and be attentive to your listeners.

Being prepared means to think with a few seconds faster than the others and to anticipate the reactions of the people who listen to you. Everybody needs great communication skills, in absolutely every field of work. It does not matter whether we are talking about politics, sport or commercial departments.

A successful leader or coordinator should know how to answer to six very important questions. You have to know who you are talking to, what you are telling, how you have to send this message so that you obtain what you want, when to choose the appropriate moment for discussion and where. Last, but not least, be aware of the reasons why you are telling those words and make sure you are totally right in asking what you want.

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