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In every field of work creativity is extremely important. Maybe you ask yourselves why I say it, but let’s think a little bit about everything it involves. Being creative not only requests for great skills, but it also helps you make a difference among the others’ products and quality. Imagination can help you a lot, mainly if you are working for a company and your boss asks you for more involvement.

Take a few minutes off and think how you could use your creativity in order to improve your work. There are several methods that could help you improve your creativity tools. Among them is brainstorming, 6-3-5 method and Sinectics too. You can be in front of the competition for a long time if you know how to take advantage of your skills.

This can only happen if we start thinking differently and try to be more innovative. Once we got used to this type of mentality we will soon achieve our goals and therefore, things will get an ascendant path. The main obstacle that comes in many cases is the lack of self-confidence or the prejudice that only some very lucky people are skilled and if Mother Nature did not help us before we worn born, now it is useless to try any further. This first “NO” usually stops us from developing our creativity tools and as a result our work becomes worthless.

What we have to do is to give up thinking so straight and open up our minds and let our ideas become true! All the great leaders have something that makes them different from the other people. I do not refer to their bank accounts or their celebrity, but on the way they are acting, thinking and speaking! And apart from all these facts, they are people just like us and once they were even less smart than we are now.

So what is it that stops us from achieving higher results? Our minds! This is why creativity is supposed to help us! And this will only happen if we want that change and if we really believe in our skills! It is very important to consider new solutions, to forget about the standard techniques and think on your own.

You will have to study more, to search for extra information and to make sure you know as much as possible about your tasks and what they involve. But once you got the pieces of information, you will be ready to arrange it in the perfect puzzle!

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