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Fun Team Building Activities for Businesses

Without unity among co-workers, a business can’t thrive. Only when all employees get along and accept each other, can you have real success as a business. To have people focusing on their tasks and encouraging one another when times are hard instead of being cold with each other and distant, and to avoid a moment when the atmosphere at the office becomes unpleasant for everyone there, you need to have a united team. As a good leader, what you can do is to unite them through various team building activities that will make them know each other better and that will encourage them to bond. If your goal is to have happier employees who actually get along and who are in a positive mood when they come to work, check out the rest of the article to find out what are the fun activities to try out when you do team building events.

Play two truths and a lie

This fun game involves communicating with each other in order to reveal what statements are true and what statement is fake. It is ideal for getting to know each other in a fun way. At the start of the game, everyone must secretly write down two truths and a lie about themselves, and hide the paper. When this step is completed, you all talk for about 15 minutes, asking various questions in order to get to know each other better and try to debunk the false statements. When the conversational time is up, you must gather in a circle. One by one, you repeat the three statements and as one person tells the truths and the lie, everyone else has a group vote and decides what statements are true and what’s the lie. After the game ends, you will know each other a lot better, and you will feel closer to each other for sure.

Play fun outdoor games

There’s a ton of games that you can play as a team in the great outdoors in order to bond with each other. To list only a few, you could try out a capture the flag game, play sports such as soccer, play tug of war, and so on. What we advise you try out if you have employees who lack ambition and who seem too passive is the capture the flag game as it has everyone running and collaborating to find the flag of the opposing team. This will give all the employees the rush they need to get hyped up, and it will reflect in their energy at work as well. Also, due to collaborating when they play, they will get closer to each other.

Play human knot

The human knot game is undoubtedly one of the funniest activities that you could take up. Also, it will make you communicate better with each other. What you must do is for everyone, except for one person, to sit in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. Those who are sitting in a circle must grab the hand of a person standing across the circle from them with their right hand, and with their left hand, they must grab a different person. When this step is over, the person who isn’t in the circle must untangle everyone without letting go of their hands to not brake the chain. In case the chain gets broken, you must start the game over.

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