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How to manage your first year as a teacher

Let’s recognize, working as a teacher is a tough job. Many of us say that sitting on a chair and listen to some children’s speeches is an easy thing, but less knows the truth about it. And now we mean the sleepless nights in which the professors are required to correct the children and students’ papers, trying to decode all the writings. Let’s admit it, not all of us have such a brilliant brain and view in order to scan on a whim all of them.

So, in order to simplify or at least to make this job be from inside and look from outside easier, we have some tips for you so you will learn how to manage your first year as a teacher.

No one said this job is impossible. It is possible, but to keep it in the future you need to know some tricks. After the college, as a fresh teacher you are enthusiastic. Anyone would be. But when it comes to children, the situation is no more so pinky. But do not panic. We are about to teach you how to manage your first year as a teacher.

When entering the institution where you are going to teach, first thing you need to do is to make friends. Talk to all the professors, meet them and find a mentor to guide you and to share with you his or hers advices.

Think really well about your teaching method and organize your time. Having a well-done program you will be saved from stress and from the coworkers’ gossip.

Like the children, you will learn a lot of new things so be careful at your attitude. Even if you are a successful teacher, do not forget that all students and colleagues are humans, and so are you.

Be the children’s friend. A student needs a person with who he can talk to, besides a professor. Be their person of trust and help the when they are in need. Show them your tough part but the sensitive too, because this is the best way in order to gain their confidence and respect.

Any professor lived for once in life a difficult moment when teaching his class. The best way to avoid any conflict is to remain calm and to continue your lesson.

So this is the entire process of ‘how to manage your first year as a teacher’. If followed step-by-step, it will assure success and new friends, besides of a good salary ;).

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