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How to Pay Your Monthly Bills with Dividend Stocks

If you have a job and you are annoyed by the fact that most of your salary goes to covering your monthly bills, it is time to do something about it. You don’t need to be a financial guru to be able to earn an extra income from stocks. You just need to have some money to invest, and to choose your investments wisely. We advise you to go with monthly dividend stocks, as they will provide you with a monthly income that you can use to cover your bills, or you can continue to invest in order to earn even more money. So, in order to achieve your goals. You first need to know a few things about these types of stocks.

1. What are monthly dividend stocks?

As the name suggests, we are talking about stocks that make monthly payments. The dividend policy is different for each company. Some companies can choose to not pay any dividends for years. This doesn’t make them less profitable, because if they are good stocks, their value will grow in time. However, for those of you who don’t want to wait there are other alternatives. There are many companies make annual, biannual, quarterly and even monthly payments to their stockholders. As a beginner investor, it is always better to start with monthly dividends, as they will provide you with fast and regular returns on your investment.

2. How to choose the best monthly stocks

When choosing between different monthly dividend stocks, there are a few indicators that you should consider. First you have the yield, which represents the percentage that a company pays in dividends, in relation to their share prices. This is one of the most important indicators for a stock, but there are others to consider as well. The payout ratio is another important indicator. This refers to the percentage that a company pays in dividends, in relation to their stock earnings. When analyzing this indicator, it is important to consider the industry in which each company operates. For example, an IT company should invest a lot of their profit in the company’s growth and development, whereas a real estate investment trust doesn’t need to invest a lot of their profits. It is important to understand these things because sometimes, companies can advertise high yields and payout ratios, only to attract investors. Such an unstable financial plan can be very bad for the company, and as an investor, you could lose a lot of money with such a company. Last but not least, before investing in any stocks, check the company’s financial history, as well as their dividend payout history. This will tell you whether or not they have a stable economy.

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