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How to work with less experienced employees

We have to admit that sometimes we find it hard to do our jobs, even though we have years and years of experience behind and we should feel a lot keener on what we do. In fact we start to feel frustrated about the fact that we still make mistakes and our colleagues who just started to work with us have already learned a great part of our tasks.

But then raises the main question: how to work with less experienced employees? How to hide our anger and unavailability to help them when we think they don’t deserve it?
Maybe you consider yourself intelligent, well-prepared, ready to face every difficult task and these abilities have been gained through hard work and devotion. You may be a little bit offended that one of your colleagues comes and asks you about something they should have tried to solve on their own, as they are beginners.

You appreciate their interest in their new job, but you want them to work harder, as you did and stop asking silly questions just because they are less experienced and deserve to be supported. We have prepared to you some tips before calling one of your less experienced colleagues “annoying”. First of all, make sure you understand exactly what they are asking you. Secondly, make sure that your explanation is clear enough for him. Keep in mind the fact that he is not used to all the new equipment and some of your words may seem unfamiliar to him yet.

If you feel confused about how to work with less experienced employees, make sure you have tried to explain them every detail with examples and on their own language. Even now everything seems extremely easy for you, don’t forget that you were like them once and you received the support you have asked for. Now it’s your turn to help them.

Try to understand their positions and do not get angry as soon as you see them coming to you. Ask them about their experience in a similar field and try to check their knowledge about your mutual work. Try to find out whether they are justified to ask you about everything or part of their questions is about things they should have known before being hired.

Keep in mind that your reputation depends more on your work and less on your colleagues work so you are not in a competition there. We suggest you to be polite and helpful because you never know when you will need their help and they will reject you because you did not how to work with less experienced employees like them in the past.

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