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How many times have you heard of leadership skills? How many people have not tried to teach your how to be a good leader and how to stop obeying the rules of the others? If you tried to read any work guide, I am sure you have met at least twice those words and sometimes you were just confused. I understand your reasons totally. Many people use those words without knowing what they actually refer to.

This is why we have decided to clear your mind once and for ever. What a real leader needs is determination and perseverance. Only after having gained all these qualities, your success is going to be guaranteed. History has given us many impressive examples of leaders that could easily be considered our sources of inspiration. Many times when we think about them we have the wrong impression that they are some extraterrestrial creatures and this fact helped them remain in history along the time. Their success must have been guaranteed by some divine help, outside Earth. In fact, our mentality is completely wrong!

Another fairy tale that I have been previously told is that a leader is born and if Mother Nature did not gave you this title, then you have no right to hope to become one. In fact, the nowadays society has a different view on what a leader is and how he should be acting like. The nowadays society supports the idea that a real leader is born through hard work, persistence, determination and self-confidence. Only after having gone through all these difficult steps, you can finally hope to become a real leader.

But what we all have to do if we want to become successful leaders, is to look inside us and discover our leadership skills. We have to discover which our advantages are, plus points and which are our disadvantages and therefore, we have to mix them in the best possible manner.

First of all, ask yourself what motivates you to be the leader of a community? What is it that you like most and what would make you work even harder in order to improve your leadership skills?

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Take a few minutes to think and write down all the qualities you have and all the reasons for which you want to be a leader and enjoy this position! After that, read then for a couple of times loudly and you will not need any work guide anymore!

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