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Money versus Career

It is hard to find the perfect job that gives you both satisfaction and money. We have to admit the truth and accept it. Due to the economical crises, people have been forced to leave their personal hobbies and compromise to jobs that are well paid and not liked by them. This is how there appeared the famous fight called “Money versus Career”.

When we see famous people on television, explaining how they have built their career only by following their dreams and believing in themselves, we imagine that they live in a totally different world that ours. They keep on supporting the idea that if you do what you like, you will always succeed and if you involve yourself as much as you can, you will never have to face failure.

It is true that working in the field you prefer and doing exactly what you like brings you happiness, satisfaction and motivates you to work harder and harder. In this way you will not only forget about the effort, but you will feel more capable of doing more and more and getting better and better. But how can you hope at your perfect career if it is not so well paid? How can you afford to spend a lot of time on your hobby if your boss needs you at office more than eight hours?

This is the main reason why more and more people feel stuck in the money versus career fight. When you receive your salary and notice that you have worked for an entire month, what is your feeling? Don’t you feel as if you have sold yourself somehow? Don’t you feel that during one month your hours have been spent on something irrelevant for your personal health? In this case, you should focus more on your career, work hard for what you like and get over all the obstacles in order to make a living.

But if that amount of money you receive is big enough to help you pay all the bills, spend some time with your family during your vacations and maybe put some money in a bank account, then you should think twice before quitting. After all, money is a key work in the society we are living and nobody can afford to give up a well-paid job just because he feels that he is being used. If you do believe in your career and feel self-confident enough, then give your vocation a try and pay attention to every single step you take! Prove yourself that you are able to face the race money versus career!

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