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  • Money versus Career

    It is hard to find the perfect job that gives you both satisfaction and money. We have to admit the truth and accept it. Due to the economical crises, people have been forced to leave their personal hobbies and compromise to jobs that are well paid and not liked by ...

  • Project Management Tools

    As time goes by and we make big steps in our careers, we have to cope with more and more problems. This is why we should be ready to face every difficulty with the maximum efficiency. You will have more and more subalterns, your attributions will be more and more ...

In every field of work creativity is extremely important. Maybe you ask yourselves why I say it, but let’s think a little bit about everything it involves. Being creative not only requests for great skills, but it also helps you make a difference among the others’ products and quality. Imagination can help you a lot, mainly if you are working for a company and your boss asks you for more involvement. Take a few minutes off and think how you could use your creativity in order to improve your work. There are several methods that could help you improve your  [ Read More ]

Mess is not a good thing, not a thing you can be proud of. Why? Because mess means disorganization which involuntary generates so much time lost. In order to prevent these thing to happen, we are about to teach you how to organize your stuff when working at a desk. First of all, scarify a morning of sleeping in which you can go at your desk earlier, preferably with an hour or a half an hour. When you arrive, start organizing your stuff and throw all the unnecessary things such as: old pens, bottles and glasses from which you do  [ Read More ]

We have to admit that sometimes we find it hard to do our jobs, even though we have years and years of experience behind and we should feel a lot keener on what we do. In fact we start to feel frustrated about the fact that we still make mistakes and our colleagues who just started to work with us have already learned a great part of our tasks. But then raises the main question: how to work with less experienced employees? How to hide our anger and unavailability to help them when we think they don’t deserve it? Maybe  [ Read More ]

Self-service capabilities One of the most difficult tasks for the help desk is to provide quality services for customers. Including self-service capabilities into a help desk solution is a good way to improve end-user satisfaction and to offer quality services by enabling users to help themselves. Understanding the users’ experience is the most efficient way to monitor critical web services. Performance monitoring can help you identify errors, distinguish between general and intermittent slowdowns and define priorities based on who is affected. The importance of ease of access Self-service portals must be intuitive, because users usually lack the patience and time  [ Read More ]

Every success is based on a lot of skills, on hard work and a little bit of good luck. But among all these, the most important ingredient is called “communication skills”. Apart from the dimensions and the importance of your business and department, the communication skills have a great influence on your work and success. It is clear that in every day we have to cope with many different and difficult situations and as we all are humans, we all have feelings and sometimes we forget to control our rage. This is why it is necessary for every one of  [ Read More ]

With the advent of the internet and the widespread information sharing, online reputation management has become a critical factor meant to protect the image of a company against defamation. Online reputation management is a new concept which may be defined as the process of monitoring a brand online in order to deal with any adverse or negative publicity. Reputationdefender is a major asset that can help you defend a good name over the internet for it consistently reaching and analyzing a person’s personal, professional or business reputation which is typically generated through all kind of pieces of content. This is  [ Read More ]

I am sure that you asked yourselves at least once how to cope with your boss and what to do in order to gain its respect and consideration. There are some techniques that should be applied when you try to cope with your boss. In case you do not want to make your boss feel as if you offended him, you have to pay maximum attention to your words. When we were little, we had to learn to talk to our parents, right? We have studied their reactions, their preferences and when we wanted to obtain something from them, we  [ Read More ]

For every one losing a job and looking for another one could be a tough period of time in his life, but you have to be positive until you find a job. The right attitude will lead you where you want to arrive and this is why even if it may seem a little bit hard, you have to keep on searching for what you want! You have to keep the situation under control and get ready to stop anger dominate you! Take care of you and the people around you, think about your goals and how far you want  [ Read More ]

Nowadays the rights of an employee are being paid more and more attention not only but by the companies, by the employers, but also by the workers themselves. Everyone is looking for safety and fair treatment, as I think is normal, but there are a few important..

There are a few criteria that one should keep in mind before looking for a job. If you live in the United States of America and you are still unemployed, do not hurry up! Money is important, but to a certain point! If you do not work as a slave for ..

How many of you did not happen to be put in the situation to be unable to understand the right attitude towards your boss? Most of you admit it! And for how many times you repeated

There are many impressive stories of people who managed to get on their own, after having resigned from corporations and started to run their own businesses from home. Many of them describe the ..

How many times have you heard of leadership skills? How many people have not tried to teach your how to be a good leader and how to stop obeying the rules of the others? If you tried to read any work guide, I am sure you have met at least twice those words and sometimes

When you first hear the magic words of becoming a manager, it is really hard not to become an arrogant one. We all know that this kind of attitude could bring you back to the main position. But do not panic ..

Why do you think that working from home would not be recommended for some of us? In fact, when you are your own boss and discipline is imposed only by you and not by anyone else, you should be quite happy.

Let’s recognize, working as a teacher is a tough job. Many of us say that sitting on a chair and listen to some children’s speeches is an easy thing, but less knows the truth about it. And now we mean the sleepless ..

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