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Physical Relaxation Techniques

Sometimes, when we are working too hard, we feel tired and we feel the necessity to take a deep breath and get away from the whole world, get away from the telephone, laptop, internet and technology. In order to be efficient in our personal corner, we should follow some physical relaxation techniques. In this way the tension within the muscles is relieved and your body is ready to face the everyday problems and tasks. Your mind will be clear and precise and you will be more efficient to work under stress.

The first physical relaxation technique is called “deep breathing”. It is a great way to relax your mind and body. Think about those people who tell you to chill and take a deep breath for a few times. It usually happens when you are angry and stressed. In order to avoid any nervous breakdown or panic attack, you have to stop for a few seconds and breathe. It is simple and helps you a lot!

The second physical relaxation technique is called “progressive muscular relaxation” and as it is said in its name, it involves the relaxation of the muscles step by step. Try to produce tension in your body and focus on doing it as much as possible. Once your muscles have been contracted for a few seconds, try to relax them as much as you can. The idea of tensing your muscles is even more efficient, because only after having forced your body you will be able to relax totally. If you only try to relax in a stressful situation, your effort will not count too much.

For example, tense your fist! Clench your hand as much as possible and keep it for a short time in that position. Then try to come back to the tension you felt before starting to tense your fist. Do it over and over again, until you feel that the tension has completely decreased in intensity.

The third physical relaxation technique is called “the relaxation response”. You have to sit in your armchair and close your eyes. Think about how you breathe and let your muscles stay in a chill position. Try to listen to your breath and do it for a few minutes. In this way you will not be able to focus on anything except for your number of breaths. This method has proved to be extremely efficient and easy! Try it too!

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