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Powerful Advice for Starting a Career as a Realtor

Choosing a career is never easy, but if real estate calls to you, you should definitely consider it, as this industry can be very profitable. However, being an agent is no piece of cake. You are basically signing up for a lifetime hard work. You will be a one-man company, being your own boss as well as the person that does all the actual work. To start off your career on the right foot, consider the following guidelines:

1. Enroll in a real estate coaching program

While this career doesn’t necessarily require any type of formal education, proper real estate coaching can help you build a strong foundation for your career. There are many companies that offer this type of training, but our advice would be to choose Tom Ferry International. They have an excellent program for beginner agents, which helps you build your sales confidence, while also teaching you how to stay committed to your plans and how to get the most from the core of real estate. Once you overcome the entry level in this career, you can always come back for more courses. Tom Ferry also has some great programs for agents who want to put together a team or for people who want to learn how to utilize the best online tools to maximize their profits.

2. Set your goals

At the beginning of your career, you might not feel the hunger to shoot for the stars. In fact, most young agents focus on making a decent monthly income that covers their basic expenses. However, it is essential to always have goals, no matter how big or little they are. When setting your goals, you should also set milestones, and you should think of strategies that can help you achieve your goals. Reaching your goals won’t be the end of your journey. On the contrary, it will be an opportunity to grow and achieve even better results. Regardless of your career level, you should always have goals that drive you to set a plan in motion.

3. Use all possible marketing tools

As we already mentioned, as a real estate agent, you are a one-man company, which means that you must also take care of promoting yourself. Networking should become a second nature to you, and you should never have a conversation with anyone, without asking if they have ever thought about selling their home, or if they know anyone who is thinking of selling. However, aside from networking, you should also learn a thing or two about online marketing. You should definitely have a website and be present on all social media channels. If your time allows it, you could also consider writing a blog, or participate in online forums and communities where people talk about real estate. You can never know where your next lead will come from, so you should cover all grounds.

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