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The best paid jobs in Europe

We offer to you some suggestion about the best paid jobs in Europe.

Let’s start with England. This country is known to have well-paid pilots and government officials. If you are interested in going and working there pay attention to the weather, to the climate and to the dense population. This island gathers many cultures and many different types of people.

The best paid jobs in Europe continue with doctors and financial managers, with almost £80,000. Pretty much, right? With this amount of money you can lead a normal and wealthy life and your job will become a source of pleasure for you and your family.

Another option is Germany. Rich people in Germany are specialized in the managerial fields. It means that if you as an analyst or manager your life and salary will be more than satisfactory. The financial fields are well-paid in Germany and if you happen to be prepared in that field don’t waste your time anymore! However, there are serious differences between the East and the West part of this country, so our advice is to get informed before being hired!

Among the best paid jobs in Germany, there are: airline pilots, just like in England, but better paid, followed by bank analysts and credit risk managers. These people earn over €80,000.

Let’s move to another country with the best paid jobs in Europe: Greece. The best jobs there have proved to be in the marine fields, mainly due to all the seas that surround Greece. A ships’ captain or a research scientist may live very happy in this country. Container and tanker captains, followed by property managers are two lucky types of employees who can earn over €70,000. Doctors and research chemists are not to be poor either, with almost €60,000.

It depends on the climate you prefer, the distance you are ready to go on and the preparation you have. As you can see, Europe has a huge range of jobs with well paid workers especially in medicine and business. Think of your priorities and make a decision that will not get you disappointed. After all, nobody was born with all the information, so we all have to study and learn to catch up with the latest progress of the society.

As we are young and ready to work, it is our right to experiment new jobs and occupations and hope for a better life. The best paid jobs in Europe have already been mentioned, so make your choice and fight for it! God helps you, but you need to make efforts in order to deserve that high level of lifestyle you are dreaming of now!

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