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The Blue Collar Worker

The blue collar worker is a person who doesn’t need any special skills in order to accomplish his daily tasks. Unskilled labor characterizes people who don’t need a higher level of education to get their jobs done. All they have to do is use their strong hands and focus on their chores.

Hard hats and coveralls are the items that describe the way a blue collar worker has to dress in order to go to work. Manufacturing, oil field, constructions and mining are just a few of the jobs that involve wearing a dark color.

Industrial employees have to wear durable clothing that might get soiled during the curse of their activities. That is why wearing blue canvas seemed to be the best solution that will help them concealing the potential grease, and give the impression of clean clothes.

The white collar worker usually works in an office or in other types of clean environments that involve sitting in front of a desk. So, their lack of physical activity is what keeps their clothes neat and clean.

Most of the people who don’t wear a briefcase or a tie have smaller wages than those who do. They are often paid hourly, so they don’t have big advantages regarding this matter. However, there are some workers who can get paid by the project depending on their field of specialty.

The colors that men used to wear were considered a way to differentiate social classes. People who wore other colors than white to go to work weren’t very well paid and they didn’t form part from the rich people category. Those who wore white shirts were included in the high class. These days the blue collar worker can gain much more money than a white collar one, so those rules don’t exist anymore.

There are many jobs that require only a high school diploma and they are very well paid. However, there are certain employments that demand extra preparations. Jobs such as elevator installers and repairers involve constant training. The safety issues are very important and there are always new things that need to be learned regarding this aspect.

A blue collar worker that has a job as a transportation inspector has an average annual salary of $66,470. Boilermakers and surveyors earn an average of $55,830 per year. So, the color of the clothes we wear is not as important as it used to be some years ago. After all, people should not be judged by their attires.

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