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The Differences Between the Unskilled Employee and the White Collar Worker

People were always judged after the way they dressed. Clothing is considered important criteria when it comes to differentiating social classes, but this method of identification can be misleading sometimes. The white collar worker was always seen as the man who has a well paid job. His work involves carrying a briefcase on his way to the office and that is the main reason why he appears to others as a wealthy man.

Unlike the blue collar worker whose job involves manual labor and repetitive tasks, the white collar worker is a person who performs skilled labor. Usually, employers require more than a high-school diploma from those who perform professional work. They must have certain abilities and skills, such as managerial and IT skills.

An employee who works in an office setting must have a higher level of education than an employee whose job involves working in factories, farms or other places that don’t require any formally trained professionals. The clothing of those who have to use physical force in order to achieve their daily chores must have a dark color in order to hide the potential dirt and grease. A white collar worker who sits in front of a desk has an impeccable aspect because his tasks don’t involve making any physical effort. So, he affords wearing white shirts and light colors.

A big difference between the two categories is represented by their educational background. There are some basic job duties that don’t require formal preparation. That is why most of the students who don’t have the experience they need to attain a job in their field start by developing new skills on less exigent jobs.

Although there were some times when people who wore a tie to go to work earned more money then those who wore a blue collar, things have evolved and the situation has changed. There are certain high-paying jobs such as elevator installers, power distributors, petroleum pump system operators and transportation repairers that involve some stimulating wages. After all, we all want live in a safe world and those who take care of this aspect must be stimulated to do a good job regarding this matter.

So, people should no longer be judged after their attires because there are some unskilled workers who have bigger salaries than the white collar workers. We must appreciate everyone who does a good job and focuses on doing well his chores.

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