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The right attitude towards your boss

How many of you did not happen to be put in the situation to be unable to understand the right attitude towards your boss? Most of you admit it! And for how many times you repeated the same feeling, but did not do anything instead?

Well, there are some rules that should be respected in order to have the right attitude towards your boss. You need a positive attitude and a clear mind. You have to say in a clear way and with honesty what is on your mind. It does not matter if we refer to job safety or inconveniences. Your voice is also extremely important when you talk to your boss. It has to be polite and it has to show him the respect you keep for him.

If you show to your boss your consideration and admiration, he will be more available to help you. On the other hand, if you are asking for a personal favor, such as a few days off, your boss needs to know the reasons you have for such a necessity and in case he can help you, he needs some details. So feel free to answer him to all his questions, because he is not trespassing your private space, he just does his job.

Try not to seem imperative and impolite. It is your right to ask for a day off, but he helps you under the circumstances of the company. If he cannot replace you with someone, you should not start screaming and being impolite to him. Pay attention not to blame anyone because of it and try to show receptivity.

Your body language is also important. Be attentive to the position of your hands and fingers and do not forget that you have to be obedient. In case you have any suggestion, feel free to say it loudly and make sure he understands what you mean. Be clear and do not use inappropriate details! It would be nice if you end the discussion in a positive manner.

After you have closed the door of his office, show discretion and do not tell the others many details about your conversation. The right attitude towards your boss also calls for not disturbing him with every single problem and make sure that what you have to tell him is important enough for the company and for you too! Good luck!

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