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The worst paid jobs in the USA

There are a few criteria that one should keep in mind before looking for a job. If you live in the United States of America and you are still unemployed, do not hurry up! Money is important, but to a certain point! If you do not work as a slave for almost anything, take a look over the worst paid jobs in the USA and try to avoid them as much as you can!

For the beginning, in case you may not want to be fooled, avoid food preparations and the sectors related to serving. Waiters and waitresses from everywhere, stay away from the USA, especially from Puerto Rico and Kentucky too! These occupations in the above-mentioned places are known to be the worst paid jobs in the USA!

In general, it appears that working is Puerto Rico is not as rewarding as paying the bills there! South Dakota and Mississippi are also on the black list and should be avoided! We would like to be more specific and this is why we offer to you some clear examples of the worst paid jobs in the USA. We will start with the food preparation and serving, a work area from which you will not earn more than $17,000. If you work in a fast-food as a cooker or as a dishwasher you should be a little bit luckier, with almost $18,000.

If you are helping a bartender or work in a cafeteria, your salary will increase, as well as if you work as shampooer or a hostess. The people who take tickets and work in the recreation and amusement field seem to be better-paid too, with more than $18,500.

According to your life expectations and your self-esteem, you can choose the job that fits you perfectly. Our advice is to try to avoid the worst paid jobs in the USA as much as you can, because you will soon be disappointed and you may be depressed. If you need money urgently, try to get in contact with someone who can offer you some advice and maybe helps you with some better jobs options.

There are plenty of jobs in this world and it is hard to believe that you cannot find something good for you in the USA, the place of all the opportunities! Take advantage of them and don’t be fooled by the wrong attitude that you cannot find anything better! You deserve more and underestimation will always lead you to a bad path!

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