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Tips on Improving End User Experience

Self-service capabilities
One of the most difficult tasks for the help desk is to provide quality services for customers. Including self-service capabilities into a help desk solution is a good way to improve end-user satisfaction and to offer quality services by enabling users to help themselves. Understanding the users’ experience is the most efficient way to monitor critical web services. Performance monitoring can help you identify errors, distinguish between general and intermittent slowdowns and define priorities based on who is affected.

The importance of ease of access
Self-service portals must be intuitive, because users usually lack the patience and time to untangle difficult portals and figure out how to navigate. The function must be clearly defined and all icons labeled. Size is also important, because the font must be large enough and easy to read, so users can understand the purpose right away. Moreover, the function must be logical, so if a user clicks an icon that says place an order, it should do precisely that, instead of opening a confusing page. An intuitive interface can allow users to place orders on their own an at the same time use a a minimum amount of clicks.

Consistent services
Consistency is essential for a good end-user satisfaction. It is necessary to provide the same level of service for all communication channels, including email, shat, self-service portals or telephone. This allows users to experience all channels as part of one company. A proper end user management provides a consistent service by using one single technology for each touch-point. For example, when Blogger was acquired by Google, the design changed completely. The blogging site now has Google dominant feature with gray action tabs, blue boxes and a white background.

Grouping and searching
Most applications have many controls and functions. Intuitive grouping improves the user interface and makes the controls easy to understand. Function-based grouping are achieved creating categorized Tab controls for similar items. Controls that lead to the same outcome require sibling grouping. Avoid having group controls inside group controls, unless there are more than 2 within a larger group. Another important aspect is the access to knowledge. A functional portal must be easily searchable and it must contain the concept of knowledge management. Users feel empowered when they can rapidly find the information they need, therefore search options must be clearly defined.

Online chat
A live, real-time communication channel can allow users to address problems efficiently. A problem that would otherwise require a service request can be quickly resolved as soon as it arises. Online retail sites prefer an online chat option instead of the email service support or telephone. Nevertheless, an aggressive attempt to establish context should be avoided, such as having a chat window pop up after a couple of minutes. Studies reveal that visitors would rather use a live chat option when they actually need it.

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