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What can you legally put in a skip


When it comes to rubbish removal, there are is a wide range of details you need to be aware of. Before contacting a reputable waste removal company to collaborate with, either short term or long term, knowing what you are and are not allowed to put in a skip is an essential step to take. The topic can be rather complex, so documenting yourself properly can come in handy. If you are not yet aware of the waste that is permitted to be put in a skip, reading the following information might help you out. So here’s what you need to know in this department

Rubble and bricks

Any bricks that does not contain traces of asbestos, or perhaps another material that is known to be harmful can easily be thrown away in a skip. The right Licenced waste removal company will accept to remove any rubble and bricks designed out of safe materials.

Garden rubbish

From chopped tree branches and trunks, to grass and broken pieces of wood, there are numerous things found in a homeowner’s garden that can be disposed of using a removal company. However, in the garden waste category, you will also find things that may raise concerns in terms of rubbish disposal options, so be careful.


When it comes to furniture, almost any item that fits within this waste department can be put into a skip. So if you have old furniture you need to get rid of, a removal company can easily help you out.


Besides electrical appliances that contain metal, rubbish disposal companies will be able to help you dispose of any other type of scrap metal. The same goes for non electrical appliances, such as sinks or toilets.

Domestic waste

Any general domestic waste, the usual items that you that are thrown away in a household can legally go into a skip. This can include packaging, cans, magazine, food scrapes, disposables and so on. As long as it fits in the domestic category, you will not have to worry about it.

Waste that is not allowed to be put in a skip

Because the list of things waste removal companies are able to take off your hands is so wide, the items mentioned above being only a few of them, to make things as clear as possible, being aware of the waste you are not able to put in a skip is also necessary. Electrical equipment and appliances, items that contain traces of asbestos, batteries, fuels, paint, solvents, plasterboard and medical waste, tyres and paint cans are only a few of the numerous things you should never throw away through a removal company. If you have any waste that you are uncertain of, it’s best to request information from the disposal firm before actually throwing it away.

Because there are plenty of things you are legally not allowed to put in a skip, being informed on the topic can save you from potential inconveniences. The tips mentioned above will help you in his department.

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