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Why Jeep Compass is a perfect business car?


In case you work in the business field and you desire to choose a car that’s both imposing and powerful, then you should definitely check out the features of the newest Jeep Compass. Even though you might consider Jeep cars a little bit too much for the city, you’d be amazed how beneficial driving such a big car in the mad traffic out there actually is. Besides being incredibly good-looking, the Jeep Compass comes with some specs that you won’t be able to ignore at any cost. Showing up to a party with a luxurious car as this one will make everyone turn their heads and enjoy your appearance. You can always read more about the Jeep Compass at Edmunds, but here are the main features and specs of this beauty on four wheels:

The engine & transmission

Starting with one of the most important details of this car – the engine of the Jeep Compass is as powerful as you may have thought already: a 2.4-liter engine that can reach up to 180 horsepower. The 4-cylinder engine is well-combined with the six-speed manual transmission, great for a complete driver experience. Keeping in mind that the engine is a regular unleaded type, you can stop worrying about the power of this massive car and start enjoying how you are going to drive it on the crowded streets and long trips. There is nothing more enjoyable than driving this fabulous car as much as possible. The fuel system is sequential (MPI) and the car is equipped with an electronic transfer case as well.

Exterior details

About exterior details, the Jeep Compass already looks like a car you would like to – at least – try, if not buy. The clearcoat paint, combine with the accent details make the Jeep Compass look like a luxury car entirely. The glass is lightly tinted, and the steel panels are fully galvanized.

Interior details

When it comes to interior details, you will be enjoying the six-speaker audio system and the wireless streaming which is very convenient for any driver. There are two main LCD monitors in the front that will help you out set up each and everything the way you wish to. Don’t forget about the steering wheel controls or the newly-integrated voice activation either, because they are surely going to be useful while you are driving this beauty.

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